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The choice of market depends on many components. There are factors that depend on the trader – experience and size of the trading account. There are factors independent of it – liquidity of markets and instruments, the number of available functions, the terms of trade – commissions, platforms, the complexity of registration and others.

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A stock market index consisting of a basket of shares can be sold as a separate share. By buying and selling indexes, traders can speculate on price changes of the largest companies in one market.


Also known as Forex or FX, foreign exchange markets are a constant exchange of currencies between banks and other market participants. Currencies are quoted as a “pair” currency – for example, GBP/USD is the value of the US dollar per pound. All currencies have a three-letter code.


Also known as stock markets, they represent stock prices of companies that are quoted on major stock exchanges. Well-known examples include Apple, BP, or Microsoft.


Commodity or commodity markets, such as natural gas or crude oil, soft ones like soy or wheat, and metals like gold, silver, or platinum. Each product market will have its own specific cycles, determined by specific factors, such as yield or energy requirements.

Benefits of Stock Trading

The stock market is perhaps one of the oldest financial markets. Not so long ago, only professional investors could make money on equity investments. Today this market is accessible to private individuals and is gaining more and more popularity thanks to CFD – contracts for difference. CFDs allow you to earn money by changing the value of shares without actually buying or selling them.



Many market participants follow the news in real time; for example, bad news affecting a company or country will result in lower prices. Even political news can have a wide impact on markets.

Central Bank Policy

Central banks make decisions, such as setting interest rates, and this can have a profound effect on the movement of money around the world and will have a big impact on the markets.

Results of companies

Companies listed on stock exchanges will publish regular results that will encourage investors to buy or sell their shares

Government data

Governments will publish data that will move markets, such as unemployment or inflation data.

What affects the markets?

Market prices depend on supply and demand for goods, which can be influenced by a wide range of factors. Here are some of the most common:

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